Linux began its existence as a server operating system and has grown to become useful as a desktop operating system and can also be used on other mobile devices like iPads, mobile phones and laptop computers. There are a few types of Linux: Debian, Fedora and RedHat. Installing certain programs on Linux can be a […]

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The Great Linux vs NT Debate

Linux * Free access to all aspects of the systems. * Free software and free support. * Simply a matter of choice and personal preference. NT * Limited to what Microsoft thinks you need * Pay for everything. * You are extremely limited in how you can figure your system. If it was not forseen […]

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Linux Introduction and Installation

In this week’s lecture, we talk about the items in TCO 2. Each student will be required to perform a Linux installation. Planning for the installation is key, as well as deciding which type of Linux to use for either a workstation or server installation. Please use all items in this lecture and the accompanying […]

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