Heal the World

Sometimes I can’t help asking myself, what’s the matter with our plant? Distinct seasons has gone forever, the summer temperature refresh the annual historical limit, 2012 is the hottest year of United States of America since meteorological records in 1895, the annual average temperature is 12. 94, breaking the record in 1998. The polar ice […]

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That’s One Small Change for Lighting, One Giant Leap

In order to reduce energy consumption and promote green lighting, many countries have eliminated incandescent to promote LED lighting plan, traditional lighting has been phasing out. As early as February 2007, Australia decided to stop using ordinary incandescent lamp in 2010, replace them with LED lighting products, Australia has become the world’s first national plans […]

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Disadvantages of Induction Lighting

1. The Induction system requires 3 components, the generator, the power coupler and the lamp. All three components are almost always supplied as a system and the manufacturers highly recommend replacing all three every relamp. 2. Induction brags of 100,000 hour life span. According to their own literature 100,000 hours is to failure, not 30% […]

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