Liberty and Political Liberalism

According to Terry Cooper, a responsible administrator thinks ethically thereby acquiring the much needed freedom that would enable him or her and the like-minded to have more anticipation and develop the ability to see whatever is on the way coming in a way that is more than the strategic sense thus becoming even much more […]

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Statue of Liberty

Margaret Bourke-White is a renowned American photographer and photojournalist. She was born in New York city and graduated from Cornell University. Some of her works included photographs of industrial sites in the Soviet Union where she pioneered as the first Western photographer allowed inside (http://www. lkwdpl. org/wihohio/bour-mar. htm). Her more dramatic photographs included those from […]

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Compare and contrast the account of liberty given in Mill’s ‘On Liberty’ and Rousseau’s ‘The Social Contract’

Issues regarding liberty are necessarily going to be contentious within a society subjected to any form of government. The existence of a body imbued with authoritative powers to imprison, restrict action, demand money from and in some cases execute its citizens is going to lead to some form of paradox when any attempts to defend […]

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