Odyssey, learning about himsel

In the Odyssey, written by Homer, Odysseus learned a lot about himself and what he had to do to become a better overall human. The adventures he goes on, I think, opens his eyes to a world in which he thought he was invincible. With the Odyssey, Odysseus learned a big lesson in humility. The […]

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Integrating Young Adult Fiction in learning

“Young Adult Fiction” refers to a written fiction, published and then sold to young adults and adolescents. This kind of literature has been like a hot cake amidst the young and even gone ahead to defy the odds of age to be purchased by individuals of over 18 years age-wisely. ‘Knowledge is power. Ignorance is […]

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Learning Together in Community

Justice (2006) define team ground rules as the guidelines and statements of values which a team lays down consciously to enable individual members to arrive at appropriate decisions regarding their future actions. Ground rules and guidelines have been found to be very effective when they are consistent, clear, followed, and agreed-to. Team members are expected […]

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Learning From Management

Organizational behavior focuses on how individuals and groups behave within an organization. An organization consists of individuals who all work together to achieve common goals and objectives that management puts in place. The main goal of an organization is to provide their target market goods or services that offer satisfaction. Very many factors determine how […]

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Learning Theories

Radical Behaviorism Radical behaviorism is a philosophy that uses the experimental analysis in order to describe behavior. It was developed by psychologist known as Skinner. He tried to explain human behavior scientifically using physiological studies that were available at that time. He concluded that every action of organism was the result of behavior. The theory […]

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Theories of Learning

Learning theories are the abstract frameworks that describe the way in which information is usually absorbed, developed, and stored when a person is learning. Normally, different people have different learning habits and these theories revolve around these habits. There are several learning theories including the sensory stimulation theory, the reinforcement theory, the holistic learning theory, […]

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Work Based Learning

Learning takes place when a student encounters something different and something new that they have not encountered before. The degree of brain action is straightforwardly related to the level of motivation in the environment of learning. The stimuli of learning are not restricted in place or time. According to Daniel (1987), this means that they […]

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Making Learning Fun And Innovative

When you come to ABC Fun, you will realize that you have stepped into the world of learning tools for children. Though this is no longer a novel concept, language based developmental and learning tools are hard to come by even now. That is what we aim to provide in our site and what sets […]

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Contemporary issues in physical education and sport

If I was observing a physical education games lesson, the physical objectives I would like to see covered are; the pe teacher demonstrating and explaining certain skills and tactics to do with the game, followed by practise within a small group or a team game situation, depending on number in the group and facilities available, […]

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The development and distinguishing features of three major schools in psychology

On the whole, psychology is more or less a new form of science. However, many psychological issues have been giving philosophers the world over something to think about for centuries. In this essay I shall attempt to describe the development and distinguishing features of three major schools in psychology since the nineteenth century. These are […]

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