Birth of an Icon Death of a Leader

“I present one who is willing to put himself in the line for you a man who would give his life for you” With this ominous introduction, the speaker stepped up to the podium. Over his left, filtered sunlight poured over the booths silhouetting his body. Applause exploded from the audience, the catalyst that brought […]

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What Makes A Competent Political Decision-Maker Or Leader

A competent person has to be effective in conducting his or her job. The definition of good or effective in different careers or lines of work may vary because of the differences in standards and expectations. The issues of being good in politics is one that has resulted in significant debate through time with different […]

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The US acting as the main leader

The US acting as the main leader has led various coalitions in fighting two Persian Wars. The wars have involved Iraq. The first Persian war was in the 1991 Jan- Feb. period. The US led a 32 nation’s coalition against the Iraqi government in a response to Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait. Iraq had accused Kuwait […]

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Application of Systems approach In the Process of Completing the Responsibilities of an Academic Leader

The field of education has evolved ever since the time it began. It could not be denied that through the years, all these changes have brought about certain matters of concern into the attention of the different academic leaders trying to keep the balance within the said system of educational integrity. Through finding different comprehensive […]

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Issues to consider in having a leader

When having a leader it is important to focus on how sharing leadership affects the experiences and the effectiveness of a group project (Lumsden, Donald & Wiethoff, 2000). Lumsden, Donald & Wiethoff (2000) indicated that “it is important that a group understands how leadership relates to ones credibility and also understand the qualities that contribute […]

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Characteristics of a Successful Leader

A leader is a person who influences others to accomplish the set objectives and directs them in the way to achieve it. Mahatma Gandhi a historical Indian leader has successful leadership qualities.A leader is conversant about the strategy and direction of the state. He can see the big vision that the followers are not able […]

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Deng Xiaoping — the Great Leader of China

Today China is a global economic superpower. If one man can be credited to have led China on the path of economic modernization, it is certainly Deng Xiaoping, the former paramount leader of China. He is the one that started China’s ‘second revolution’. Deng was a nation builder par excellence. He is the quintessential Chinese […]

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Can Absence Make a Team Grow Stronger

The article describes case studies which show high productivity of teams working remotely in different locations as opposed to those that work in one location closely together.  This is dependent on a strong team leader who from a distance takes on and implements the managerial tasks of the team. But not all projects and work […]

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Aeneas as a Leader

Virgil’s epic poem Aeneid tells the tale of the great leader Aeneas.  His greatness was inevitable considering his parentage.  He was the son of the goddess of sexual love, Venus and a mortal Trojan, Anchises.  He has angered Juno because she knows that Carthage, her favorite city, will one day be destroyed by the Trojans.

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