Business Law for Managers

Every single day we enter into contracts. When we order a meal in the fast food or drop a coin while buying a ticket for a bus we enter a contract without even recognizing it. However, not all the agreements, that people enter into are enforced by law. Contractual agreements are the only ones that […]

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Family Law

INTRODUCTION This report is mentioning about the family law and it is mainly discussing about the forced marriage protection order. It is mentioned about the UK law regarding forced marriage and able to identify the effectiveness of the law. There are several laws which are conducted by the UK government as well as by the […]

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Protection of Human Rights – The relationship between the individual and the State

ABSTRACT This dissertation contains five chapters dedicated fully to examine and analyse the relationship between the State and the individual citizen of the State. Specifically analysing whether the state security infringement on citizen’s communications, data retention and processing of the same data is in fact interfering with the right to privacy of the individual citizen […]

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Discussing legislation

Explanation of the type of acts I am going to use in this coursework are Data Protection act, Copyright, Computer Misuse, Health and Safety at Work act, Health & Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations Data Protection Act: Explanation: An Act to make new provision for the regulation of the processing of information relating to individuals, […]

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Privacy and Data Protection: IT Law

I. Introduction 1.) An old issue, growing in importance Searching the web, one can see that privacy on the Internet is a big issue. Countless US or EU based human rights initiatives are fighting for the right to privacy. What is the reason for this? Although concerns about consumers’ ability to protect their privacy have […]

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Right of privacy under Hong Kong’s current laws

There is a trend to recognize privacy as a human right that should be protected by law, yet, we can find no general right to privacy existing in Hong Kong nowadays. “The concept of privacy doesn’t exist in both Hong Kong and UK common law systems, but it doesn’t mean that common law doesn’t protect […]

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The Data Protection Act 1998

The Data Protection Act protects the personal data which is stored about you by different people .The 8 principles of the act are : * Processed fairly and lawfully * Processed for limited purposes * Adequate relevant and not excessive * Accurate * Not kept for longer than necessary * Processed in accordance with the […]

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Data Protection Issues – Compliance Within Computing Organisations

1. Introduction to the data protection bill 1998 We’ve probably all heard of it, but just what is it – ‘The Data Protection Act’? The much maligned and often misquoted and even misunderstood. Well, naturally it’s about data, and according to Websters Online Dictionary – data is: a collection of facts from which conclusions may […]

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The legislation that protects individuals and groups from the misuse of ICT

In my prior tasks, I have written an in depth report on the enhanced development of an array of technologies which effects and have provided numerous of opportunities for everyone whether they are studying in school (like me), in employment, individuals with special particular needs or generally the whole community. Task 3A is a detailed […]

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Laws and Legislations

Laws and legislations were introduced due to the fact that ICT was growing and since the uses of large computerized databases as they became quite useful for sensitive personal data to be stored without the individual’s knowledge. Employers, credit card companies or insurance companies, could access this confidential data. Therefore personal privacy is important as […]

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