Kenya’s Progress towards the UN Development

Description of the UN Millennium Development Goal The UN millennium development goals were established in the year 2000. They consist of eight international goals that various countries and international organizations agreed to achieve by the year 2015. In the year 2005, the G8 countries agreed to provide funds to the World Bank, International Monetary Fund […]

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Kenya’s Water Shortage

Kenya has a lowest access to safe water and is classified as a water-stressed nation in the world. (United Nations, 2008). For many years Kenya has experienced severe issues such us droughts, the contamination of drinking water, poor management of water supply, expanding population and inequality in water distribution, as a result, millions of Kenyans […]

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Kenyas Foreign Policy

The conduct of foreign policy in Kenya is a prerogative of the Head of State the Chief Executive (President). These powers are rested in the Presidency by section 16 of the Constitution of Kenya, Amendment Act No. 28 and in Section 23 of the Constitution. Consequently, the Chief Executive is the initiator, articulator and director […]

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Safari Tented Camps in Masai Mara

The camp is located on the slopes of the Oloolaimutia Hills on the east side of the Masai Mara Game Reserve. The Masai Mara Tented camp is surrounded by a natural environment, waking up to bird twitter and roaring of lions, hyena’s monkeys drama in the bush around. Masai Mara Safari Camp facilitate on Masai […]

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Trials in The Trial of Dedan Kimathi

The trial of dedan kimathi is an excellent example of Agit-prop theatre. This kind of theatre first emerged in 1920 in Soviet Union with the aim of instigating people into doing something. One of the devices which are used as a revolutionary tool to is the incorporating of many trials in the play. According to […]

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The Discoveries at Olduvai Gorge

At the gorge louis leakey found fossils, bones, stoneartifacts, and cavepainting and studied them. He published monographs on the social customs of the Kikuyu people of Kenya and the string figures, comparable to cat’s cradles, made by people in Angola. He believed that the behavior of monkeys lead to the evolution of ancestors. he had […]

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Government and Privatised Enterprises in Kenya

Since the 1990s a wave of privatization of state-owned enterprises has taken place throughout the world. Nevertheless, there are still many companies in government hands. What should the proper corporate governance guidelines for these companies be? And for privatized companies already in private hands? The proper cooperate governance guidelines (CGG) for state owned enterprises (SOE) […]

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Geography Tourism in Kenya

A report to show the main negative and positive impacts of tourism in Kenya. Kenya is located in Central Africa and the crystal clear Indian Ocean laps the sandy shores on the eastern edge making the beaches the perfect holiday destination. As well, the equator runs through the middle of the country making it sunny […]

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Deafness in America and Kenya

Deafness generally refers to as physical condition characterized by lack of sensitivity to sound. In legal terms deafness is defined by degree of hearing loss, where it includes profound or total deafness which it can be also be severe and moderate deafness, where it concludes to a partial deafness or as hard of hearing. In […]

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Siaya district of Nyanza province in Kenya

This is a case-study of the creation and performance of folk song within a small community in Siaya district of Nyanza province in Kenya. I have been a participant in and observer of this community for about thirty five years. This preliminary study is sketchy, random, and not at all comprehensive since it is found […]

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