Sentencing A Convict

If I were to be a judge that has to sentence an individual that has rightly been convicted of stealing other person’s identity for monetary gain, then I would like to get some pieces of information before I embark on the judgment. This would serve as my guiding principle in imposing the appropriate judgment on […]

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Wise Judgment Scenario

In this situation a young girl feels she is ‘in love’ with her boyfriend. He is 17 years of age. He keeps pushing her to have sex and tells her they will only have ‘protected’ sex. This is an example of needing to use wise judgment in daily life. We are constantly faced with decisions […]

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Judgement on Roche vs Cipla Case

In a carefully and a well-researched judgment, Justice S. Ravindra Bhat of the Delhi High Court refused to grant an injunction (temporary) on Cipla from selling in India, a generic versions (Eroclip) of a patented anti-cancer drug (Erlotinib or Tarceva) belonging to Roche. However, Cipla was disallowed to export to other countries (temporarily). Due to […]

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Evaluation and Judgment

One of the ways in which a person evaluates another is through the first impression. According to the source, these initial ideas about a person is believed to matter in how he judges that person. These impressions are equated to what they call a Schemata. This is when the first time one meets a person, […]

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