What is journalism and how have notions of it changed

Journalism isn’t something that can be easily defined; it isn’t simple enough to be covered by a single definition. It’s an ever-evolving profession; from the print press of the 19th century, the radio broadcasts of the 1940s, all the way to the expansion of mobile internet news that we see today – it covers many […]

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Professional Development Day

On the 7th of November a Journalist who works for the Guardian and a worker for B3 Media talked about what’s it like in the media, came into Leyton Sixth Form college giving; advice on how to join the media, the best ways to get into the media, what to do at the time and […]

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Your Claim Nowadays, many people are engaged in presenting factual events, opinions, features, and other topics which suites the taste of the public. These are usually written, visual, or audio materials Intended for dissemination through public media. This is what we commonly call as, Journalism. A widespread issue with regards to this field has been […]

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Journalism as a Career

Almost everyone who can read and write sometimes feels the urge to write on some favorite topic. Some people however love writing so much that they spend much of their time writing something on various subjects for the sheer pleasure of writing. Such people usually become skillful writers; and if the ability to write with […]

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Stand alone

Edward R. Murrow who was not yet a journalist, became the pioneer in overseas correspondence when he gave a blow by blow report to the United States of America about the gathering storm in Europe at the brink of the 2nd World War. Edward Murrow being the front-liner of international journalism is also one of […]

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Self-analysis of employment competencies

The world of media and journalism has always appealed to me. I have learned that this field demands a lot. The idea of going places, meeting people, and learning about many things whether related or unrelated, seems to be very interesting. In the field of media and journalism there are many challenges, among them are […]

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Journalism and Public Relations

The general perception is that Journalism and Public Relations are not harmonious; the development of the communication techniques between the organizations and its public is regarded as Public Relation. Journalism is a profession which provides a comprehensive insight to the readers and viewers with reference to the ongoing developments in different sectors. The differences between […]

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The War Photographer

Sensationalism and yellow journalism are two very famous terms within the news industry. Before we can discuss how sensationalism and yellow journalism has affected the news industry, we have to first understand the meaning of these two terms. Sensationalism is defined as exaggerating news material in order to gain public attention while yellow journalism is […]

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Embedded Journalism

1. In the realm of media-military relations, Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) has become synonymous with the concept of ‘embedding’. The Pentagon defines ‘embed’ “as a media representative remaining with a unit on an extended basis” and OIF represents the single greatest instance of embedding. The Pentagon offered 920 embed spots, and, from 775 acceptances, eventually […]

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Journalism Ethics

Morality in general can be defined as shared rules, norms, values and beliefs that determine specific behaviour during human interaction and plays a vital role in any performed action. A morally and or ethically sound decision should involve questions like whether it is accepted by others in the society, will this behaviour or action cause […]

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