Lord of the Rings Journal

Year 9 Journal Lord of the Rings – JRR Tolkien. Lord of the rings is a wonderful book about a magical land called Middle-Earth. The actual lord of the rings in an evil sorcerer named Sauron. In the fires of Mt Doom, Sauron forged a ring; in it he poured all his evil and dark […]

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Journal Articles

Journal 1 (Quiz 5) The looming crisis that Michael Clare predicts in the new “Thirty Years of War” concerns the competition for natural resources among the world’s nations. Clare foresees a situation whereby the world’s biggest consumers of energy and multinational corporations will be embroiled in a tussle of war to control the diminishing energy […]

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Technology Deprivation Journal

I must admit that my smartphone is the best recent technological device that happened in my life. On this particular day, it was business as usual with my smartphone. From the time I woke up, I spend at least six hours surfing the internet with my smartphone. Notably, my smartphone had made me get addicted […]

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Topic Dialectical Journal for A passage to India

The story by E. M. Forster, ‘A passage to India’ is written in the 1920s when the English and the Indians were not very friendly. “The story revolves around four characters” Literary Appreciation on (78) Dr. Aziz, his British friend Cyril Fielding, Mrs. Moore, and Adela Quested. The story is geared to showing the social […]

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Double Entry Journal

African American Woodson, J. (2005) Show way. Talbott, H. NY: Putnam’s Sons. Memorable Quote Personal Reaction “And though some could book read, most could not. Stars and moon and roads. Picture reading was what they’d always known. ”There are several effective ways of communicating with others. Quilting was significant to this ethnic group since they […]

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1984 Journal Entry

Journal entry #1 The world in which Winston Smith lives in is very frightening. It is very unlikely that people from the world we live in would survive for long living in it. I think it is an awful time to be alive because you have no freedom at all. Winston is in the worst […]

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Treatment of Acute Mi: a Journal Critique

Treatment of the Patient with Acute Myocardial Infarction is a quantitative study that examines delays in the treatment of acute myocardial infarction’s. The study is based on the examination of charts in the emergency department at SST. Joseph Regional Hospital in Milwaukee, Illinois. Charts were reviewed as far back as 1995-2002. Based on the findings […]

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Journal of Leadership & Organizational

Data were collected from 86 international assignees in multinational project teams in an oil and gas corporation. Results revealed a positive relationship between transformational leadership and the outcomes. Trust in the team partially mediated the relationship between transformational leadership and team performance, and environmental dynamism moderated the direct effect between transformational leadership and team performance. […]

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Interior Journal Critique

The literature and findings of this case study suggest that there is still much to know about how people use duality environments. These results also suggest that Interior designers must become more aware of the consequences related to the introduction of day lighting into space as well as getting involved early in the design planning […]

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The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal wrote that Jones was a “management legend,” and that by handing the reins to Welch, GE had “replaced a legend with a live ire. (Bartlett & Woozy, 2005, pig. 2). Welch had many of his own ideas of how things should be run at GE and had to figure out how […]

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