Joseph Stalin

Different impressions of Stalin

Sources A, B and C are sources published throughout the nineteen thirties. All three sources give a separate insight into Stalin’s different policies which where inflicted on his own nation, where many people suffered. In this essay I will first outline the points given in each Source and the message behind them, then counter argue […]

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Stalin: Man Or Monster

Question 1 Source A was drawn by one of Stalin’s enemies, so it shows Stalin a bad way. It is a mock travel poster showing piles of human skulls and with Stalin inviting you to “Visit the USSR’s pyramids” This is a rather macabre and sarcastic caption as the ‘pyramids’ are pyramids of human skulls. […]

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Stalin – He was a monster

After the Tsar in 1917 Russia was undeveloped and behind the west in its economy, agriculture and standard of living, Lenin had made a futile attempt at changing this but little had been achieved. Stalin enforced new policies to change and improve the USSR. Stalin made great changes in the Russian economy, he introduced Five […]

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Stalin, Man or Monster

Stalin, was he a man or a man or monster? The answer to this question depends entirely on how you look at it. On one hand, Stalin did an amazing job of bringing Russia up to speed with the rest of the world, improving industry and modernising Russia at an amazing rate using the five-year […]

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Why did Stalin carry out the ‘Purges’

These purges were his method of removing those who had previously opposed him and also those he believed may oppose him in the future. These alleged criminals against the state were either imprisoned, exiled or shot and ranged from high party officials and members of the military through to ordinary citizens. The purges began in […]

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Stalin: political figure or tyrannical monster

There has always been different views held by people towards Stalin, and since his death in 1953 these views have escalated. The reason there are many different views is because no one knows the real truth about Stalin and the regime that he ran. For example he had censorship agencies set up that only allowed […]

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The impact Stalin had on the Russian People in agriculture and industry

Through the 1920s peasants provided the Soviet government with many problems. The argument about the future of NEP was largely to do with how the government should treat the peasants. It was an argument that had already split the politburo in two. Early in 1928 Stalin announced that the USSR was 2 million tonnes short […]

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Stalin’s Russia

Stalin means “Man of Steel” in Russian. Joseph Stalin was an enthusiastic defender of Lenin; he led many Marxist movements in Georgia and joined the Bolsheviks. His two main aims were: a command economy and a totalitarian system of government. Two of Stalin’s aims were to modernize Russia so that it could make up the […]

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How did Stalin establish his dictatorship 1928

During the period of 1928-41 Stalin introduced many methods in which he used to be able to control the Soviet Union and establish his dictatorship; these methods were very costly as many lives were lost in the making. The first step in which he made to creating his own dictatorship was the removal of Trotsky. […]

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How successful were Stalin’s economic policies in the 1920s and 30s

The main changes that Stalin made to industry during his reign were to disestablish Lenin’s N.E.P. (new economic policy), introduce his five-year plans (this affected agriculture as well as industry), and to take the economy under state control: this is called nationalization. With a policy of nationalization, Stalin had replaced the prospect of privatization, a […]

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