The Quest for the Historical Jesus

The book makes an attempt to reconstruct biographical information about Jesus Christ using historical information and sources. In contrast to many other researches, the book concentrates on reliable historical facts and documents. The authors state that the common Spirit of God is related to Christ as the controlling factor of the Church’s life, prompting members […]

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Extended Review and Evaluation of Biographies of Jesus by Romano Guardini

From the start, Christianity has been rooted in the paradoxical claim that a human being executed as a criminal is the source of God’s life-giving and transforming Spirit. From the start, this “good news” has been regarded as foolishness to the wise of the world. Christianity has never been able to “prove” its claims except […]

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Jesus was more interested in teaching people how to behave

If the bible it to be taken literally than one crucial question arises in the New Testament. Then why did Jesus, son of God leave the splendour, holiness and perfection of heaven to come sinful mound that is earth. There are two probable answers, either he came to teach morals and belief or he came […]

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Identify a narrative subject depicted in the Arena Chapel

The Betrayal of Jesus by both Giotto and Duccio differ. Both of these artists portray The Betrayal in different ways in terms of style and composition. Giotto’s Betrayal is more natural and realistic. His style is more down to earth. His Beyrayl is much more chaotic, noisy and viloent. Whereas Duccio’s portrayal of the is […]

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The Gospel According to St John

Prologue: The Gospel according to John presents Jesus as the eternal Word of God who ‘became a human being and lived among us’. John has portrayed Jesus as the promised Saviour, the Son of God and that those who believe in him and have faith in him will have life (20:31). John’s Gospel and the […]

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What Is Spiritual Formation

How would God Himself answer, with just one word, the question “what is spiritual formation? ” His response, no doubt, would be “conformation. ” “For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren” (Romans 8:29). Thus, it […]

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Jesus Christ

In this passage from John’s Gospel, Jesus Christ dying on the Cross tells “the disciple” to behold his Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary. It seems that Jesus is referring to John, but the actual words are “the disciple.” And so, in that moment, Mary becomes Mother of all disciples of Jesus, including those in our […]

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The Four Perspectives Of Jesus In The Gospels Example #2

The four Gospels are the accounts at the beginning of the New Testament about the saving work of God in his son Jesus Christ. The writers of the four gospels introduced a new literary category into literature. The gospels are not exactly biographies, because apart from certain events surrounding Jesus’ birth, (Matt. 1-2; Luke 1-2) […]

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Storming the Gates of Leadership for Christ

Jesus Christ is God’s Only Begotten Son, made man, to save the world from eternal damnation. His life on earth was one of great deeds and positive things. By His example, He moved men to live by the ideals and values that He taught them. Jesus became Man to heal and save mankind from the […]

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Lamentation By Quentin Massys As An Example Of Flemish High Renaissance Art

Throughout centuries of Christian history, topics related to the last days of Jesus life, Crucifixion and His following Resurrection were among the most popular in the West European art. Even being pushed back by Renaissance humanist interest to secular motives, they still attracted indefatigable attention of all noticeable European painters. The style and filling of […]

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