Jane Eyre

Jane Eyres’ biography

At the age of seven Jane Eyre, having lost her parents, was adopted by her Uncle, who subsequently died and was then looked after by her Aunt. She was never accepted as part of the family and appeared a shy and frightened young girl, always locked away from the other children in the house and […]

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The theme of Imprisonment in Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

In “Jane Eyre”, Jane suffers the most from Imprisonment. She was imprisoned from a very young age; for as long as she can remember. Brought up feeling as though she was a burden is enough to make her feel unhappy and imprisoned. She feels she can’t speak her mind because if she does, she could […]

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To show how childhood is represented in charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre

The social status of children in the Victorian age was drastically different to that of present day. Children were relentlessly suppressed and stringent expectations identified a `good’ from a `bad’ child. Social eminence of children relied entirely upon the class and wealth of parentage. Children of high class parentage were advantaged in a number of […]

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