In 1815 the possibility of a united Italy was slight to what extent do you agree with this

There are many arguments for and against the possibility of a united Italy. In this essay I am going to look at these arguments and conclude from the information I gather, to what extent I agree with the above statement. In 1815 Italy was made up of five separate states, most of these states were […]

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Italian States

By 1496 the Italian states were an obvious target for foreign interest and invasion: the concurrent period of economic and cultural expansion offered attractive incentives and rewards for an attack. This, combined with Italy’s central and vulnerable geographical location meant that she was an obvious prey for armies from countries of the north. Indeed these […]

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How successful was Mussolini in increasing the international prestige of Italy in the years 1922 – 43

Between the years 1923 – 43, Benito Mussolini tried to create an international prestige to rival that of the historical image set by the grand Roman Empire. He introduced many policies and waged many wars over the years, to achieve this goal but inevitably Italy of the 20th Century could not compete with its former […]

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Fascist control of Italy

The use of propaganda between the years 1923 – 1945 was a essential factor, if not the main reason, for the unrivalled Fascist control of Italy, driven under it leader Benito Mussolini. However, although propaganda was of critical importance to Mussolini during this time, it is not the sole reason for this unequivocal control over […]

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