Israeli occupation of south

On May 14, 1948 British troops that were occupying portions of Palestine withdrew from the territory. As Britain withdrew from Palestine, they handed the land over to the Zionists to create Israel. Upon creation of the State of Israel, thousands of Palestinians were driven from their homes to make room for the Jews who were […]

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Israel and Jewish Community after World War II

Until the mid-1900’s, when Israel became a state, it was inhabited mostly by Arabs. Israel became a state in 1948, but the movement to create a Jewish homeland, called Zionism, started in the 1890’s. One of the trailblazers on this subject was Chaim Weizmann, a Russian-born chemist and Zionist leader, who in 1949 became the […]

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Analyzing the Cultural Perspectives of Doing Business with Israel

What are the major elements and dimensions of culture in Israel? Before getting into an agreement with anyone or any organization on any given business, it is essential that the willing parties get to learn deeply about each other. Setting for an agreement before learning each other’s mode of operation, religion and the dos and […]

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Apartheid Rule Israel and South Africa

Apartheid is defined according to the Rome statute as inhumane acts that resemble other crime against humanity, which is committed in a well organised governed institutional regime. It is a well organised discrimination of one dominating race against other racial group or groups and committed purposely in order to maintain that regime.” The United Nations […]

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The main themes in the prorhecy of hosea

Following Amos, Hosea a Northern prophet covered a period of around twenty years from an estimated 750-720bc. The commencement of his ministry being the end period of Jeroboam, a period which had seen great prosperity, an increase of land, trade and economic growth, leading to the beginning of a new rise of the Assyrian Provence […]

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Should Israel give land for peace

This is one of the most perplexing issues facing the modern world today. It has also been the biggest thorn in the flesh for many an Israeli government, not to mention the United States, which as a key ally has a direct interest in the ongoing proceedings. The recipient in this question should refer to […]

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Political Power in Israel

Israeli society is a complex society whose origin is deeply seated with issues on religion and ethnicity. It is complex in the sense that its society is segmented on two grounds: religious beliefs and ethnic origin. The Israeli society is divided into Jews and non-Jews. The non-Jews which comprise 18. 8% of its total population […]

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Why Did Israel Win the First Arab-Israeli War

On May 14 1948, Israel declared its independence as a new state. A war that officially lasted approximately 19 months ended with the Israelis’ victorious and proud owners of a legal Jewish homeland. Despite the fact that there is a vast array of sources, especially with the opening of the Israeli and foreign archives, they […]

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What Problems Might Each Individual Encounter in the Position at OEC

Office Equipment Company (OEC) must identify a manager to help set up and run a new manufacturing facility located in the Palestinian-controlled Gaza Strip. The position will have a minimum duration of three years. OEC manufactures office equipment such as photo copying machines, recording machines, mail scales, and paper shredders in eight different countries. OEC’s […]

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Palestine Israel Peace Process

1.The Middle East problem had erupted when in 1948 the state of Israel was declared for establishment in Palestine. Since then, many of the Arab countries got entangled in the conflict with Israel, over the Palestinian issue. For the last 48 years or so, the Middle East issue has been a history of miseries for […]

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