Island Dispute Conflict over Korea and Japan

The dispute between Japan and South Korea over the ownership of Takeshima has been in existence for a long time. The island in question is an isolated group of rocky islets in the Sea of Japan. They are found in 37 degrees 9 minutes North and 131 degrees 55minutes east, and they cover about 0.23 […]

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Island of Kora Ethics

Therefore, this case calls for an application of all the points that have been previously discussed. After reading the case, design a plan for solving the islander’s problems. Your plan should include the theoretical basis your plan uses, the decision making procedure you would use, as well as the specific action you would take to […]

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How do you do

Imagine a place where the water’s clear, the sand is warm, and the wildlife is everywhere. That place is Hawaii. It’s one of the most beautiful and exotic places. But more specifically than Hawaii, we’re talking about Oahu. It is the third largest of all the islands but it is the most populated of them […]

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Decisions in Paradise, Part III

Looking back into the Decisions in Paradise Part I and II, it covered identifying the problems, defining criteria, goals and objectives, evaluating the effect of the problems and identifying the cause of the problems. In the third and final phase of this evaluation, I will now offer recommendations that One Stop Super Center can use […]

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In Focus: Cancun

Cancun is one great destination. This island resort was originally inhabited by Maya Indians. It remained a fishing town until the 1970s when it was chosen as a suitable resort location. Found on the northeastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, the island measuring 21 kilometers long is now one of Mexico’s thriving tourism districts. Most […]

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