Apple iPhone

Apple is an extremely well-organized company, exhibiting every aspect of Jobs’ conscientiousness and culture. The current team and CEO may have replaced Jobs, but his genius has neither match nor equal in qualities. He had an exceptional ability of creating products that never fell short of consumer expectations; his astute adeptness in outdoing an opponent […]

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Apple’s iPhone

In July 2011, Nielsen released findings of its research done in the United States which showed that Android operating system had a market share of 38%. After three months, Nielsen found Android’s percentage to have risen to 43%. This showed an increase of 5%. In August 2011, Android’s market share rose to 56%.11 The rise […]

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Apple’s iPhone: Calling Europe or Europe Calling

On November 9, 2007, Matthew Key, O2’s chief executive, was elated that Britons were flocking to purchase the iPhone. But zealots wondered, “Will the iPhone be worth it for O2, considering the concessions given to Apple? ” Released on June 29, 2007 in the United States, Apple’s iPhone was viewed as a breakthrough for its […]

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Product Presentation: iPhone 3G

The iPhone is one great device that combines a mobile phone, a mulitmeda players, and a web browser in one neat package. In fact, the iPhone can even do more than tose things as it will be able to give you high quality entertainment that you never imagined possible in a mobile phone. Just over […]

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Iphone 5 Relase

Apple created more headline news by releasing the iPhone 5 on September 21, 2012. The iPhone 5 wows customers with its new sleek design, 8 mega pixel “iSight” camera, 4-inch Retina display and its ultra-processor. The iPhone 5 has an A6 chip that Apple says is powerful but not hungry. Apple claims its new product […]

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Marketing Iphone

Q1: Apple faced with two main pricing decisions for its range of iPhones. The first one is a skimming price decision and the second one is a penetration pricing decision. 1. Skimming price decision When Apple first launched the new iPhone 3GS, it made a skimming price decision which means it aims to sell to the […]

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Entering the Foreign Market

My company is called Henderson’s iPhone Store. We market all the latest versions of Apple smartphones. We will be marketing the new Apple iPhone 6 and entering all foreign markets. The target market for the iPhone is teenagers, college students, business class individuals, and adults. Our specific target market for this report is a married […]

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Psychology of Consumerism Real World Examples 2013

On September 20, 2013, the new iPhone 5s was launched in retail stores. Retail locations saw queues winding around the block in the U.S, Australia and China to name a few. People stood, sat and camped on the streets, refusing to leave the line for fear of losing their spot. One customer was willing to […]

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Financial analysis of Apple inc

1.0 History.IPad 1.1 Invention of Apple Apple Incorporated was founded about 35 years ago. Founded by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, Apple’s first invention was a simple computer put together by Wozniak, who was dealing with the situation as a hobby, and by 1977, the first personal computer with color graphics and a keyboard was […]

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