The Invasion of Privacy

The Invasion of Privacy A folkways violation Since the beginning civilization the people had been confronting changes in different aspect of life such as: in politics, sports and also in religion. But not everything have changed, their always be their values, ideas, norms, language, and beliefs, better known as culture that will characterized each society […]

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The invasion of Russia by the Germany

The invasion of Russia by the Germany during the Second World War had the codename Operation Barbarossa. The operation began on June 22, 1941 after many months of delays and years of preparation. The main objectives of the invasion were to reclaim more land for Germany, eradicate Bolshevism, which was a form of communism, installed […]

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2003 Iraq Invasion

Was the 2003 invasion of Iraq a humanitarian intervention? When the US and Britain declared that they would invade Iraq in 2003, they cited a number of reasons for this invasion. The three most important reasons were to disarm Iraq of weapons of mass destruction, to end the links between Saddam Hussein and terror groups, […]

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Neo-liberal Perspective on the US Invasion of Iraq

The American invasion of Iraq may be perceived as its defense mechanism in protecting its resources from the threats posed by the Iraqi terrorists. There are, however, other claimed reasons by US president George Bush on its crusade in Iraq.

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