Into the Wild

“Into the Wild” by Krakauer

“Into the Wild” refers to a true story of a young Emory graduate, Chris McCandless, whose dead body was found in the Alaskan wilderness by moose hunters. He was only twenty four years old. The story took place in April 1992, when McCandless went to the wild carrying a small-bore rifle, ten pounds of white […]

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“Into the Wild”

Jon Krakauer in his novel “Into the Wild” writes a tale of a young man Chris McCandless, who resolves to venture into unknown Alaskan wild. He begins the novel by telling the reader how they found the body of Chris in the Alaskan wild, which marked his last contact with human kind. This ushers the […]

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Into the Wild: Fool or Hero

Chris McCandless wasnt someone I would personally call a hero. The only thing he did was venture out into the cold winds of Alaska and made his ideas come to “life”. He left his rich life behind to go out and try to live off the land. By reading this I, myself am convinced that […]

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Into the Wild

Going into something dangerous and unprepared is a good way to get yourself killed. Chris McCandless was a man who followed his dreams and wanted to find his meaning in life which is what I admire about him. But he went into his dream unprepared and unintelligently. Christopher McCandless went into the wild with no […]

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Christopher Mccandless: a Transcendental Philosopher

A Transcendental Philosopher: Christopher McCandless The novel Into the Wild, by Jon Krakauer, is a story about a transcendental philosopher by the name of Christopher Johnson McCandless. The story follows the journey of McCandless across America; relying only on what he can carry on his back. McCandless shows self-reliance, a love of nature, and has […]

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Into the Wild Essay

In the book Into the Wild by John Krakauer a boy by the name of Chris McCandless was born on February 12, 1968. He attended school all the way up to high school in his hometown of Washington D.C. When he graduated high school he attended Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia where he graduated with […]

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All Good Things Are Wild and Free

“All good things are wild and free” is an idea explored by many for better and for worse. This specific quotation coming from Henry David Thoreau’s essay ‘Walking’. It is believed by many to be the main argument representing freedom. Exploring nature, humanity and contrasting them with each other. ‘Into the Wild’ follows the journey […]

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