Different Interpretations Of Religion

Nearly everyone has some conception of religion. In fact, sometimes it appears that there are as many definitions of it as there are people (Schmidt 9). Not only does each person have his or her own way of defining religion; each person has his or her own way of practicing religion. Studying these different practices […]

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Shakespeare’s “King Lear” Interpretations

Rewriting and reinterpretations of literary works have become a widespread issue in recent productions of literary works. This has been considered as one of the leading novelistic genres in the current world. Reinterpretations of literary works through rewriting or retelling show the changing political, economic, and social aspects of the world, the interaction and interplay […]

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An Easier Way with Words

Words can sometimes be difficult to define because they can take any meaning at different times, in different situations with different groups of people. It has also been said that meanings are not in words but in people. And people, like me, can have different interpretations and misconceptions of different words such as love, chastity, […]

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