International Trade Analysis

There are significant advantages and disadvantages that are associated with international trade. FedEx happens to a statistic of both advantages and disadvantages as illustrated below. Some of the advantages that International trade has laid upon FedEx are illustrated by increasing the market competitiveness of the corporation. With increase in sales, there is a corresponding increase […]

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International Trade

The positive side of international trade is nations are able to obtain goods they cannot produce in their own country The international trade accounts for a good part of a countrys gross domestic product It is also one of important sources of revenue for a less developed country. International trade Is the exchange of services, […]

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Port of Yokohama

The Port of Yokohama is geographically located in the Tokyo Bay area which is one of the major bays in Japan. The port is within the city of Yokohama and are neighboured by Port of Kawasaki and Port of Yokosuka. It is managed by the Yokohama Port Authorities and major operations are dealt with by […]

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Chiquita Brands International

1.How strong Chiquita Bananas was before the trade war began? Chiquita Bananas (and its predecessor United Fruit Company UFC) was very strong before the trade war began. They have been one of the front bearers of the banana industry and dominated the international banana trade and affected the economic and social conditions of the Caribbean […]

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International Trade and Economic Bloc

The intention of this paper is to discuss about the advantages and disadvantages for Ecuador if it becomes a member of the Mercado Comun del Sur (Mercosur). Currently, the world is going through a change in important ways in the economy, the importance of belonging to an economic bloc is that through this you can […]

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Is Walmart Good for America

Walmart is very bad for America in many different ways. America’s economy is already moving at a very slow rate and Walmart is not helping it. They are however helping China’s Economy. Walmart brings in 100 million Americans every week with their “every day low prices”. Walmart depends on China to make most of their […]

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