International Business Environment

1) Discuss the implications of the availability and use of the Internet for the Uppsala model of internationalization. International Business concerns commercial cross-border activities. It is the international movement of goods, capital, services, employees, and technology. “Businesses undertake international operations in order to expand their sales, acquire resources from foreign countries or diversify their activities.” […]

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How Useful is the Realist Conception of Power in Contemporary

Realists explain contemporary international relations on the basis of power connections between states or units. Power is a broad subject and realist conception of power constricts our understanding of contemporary international relations because within realism there are different interpretations and conceptions of power that are unlike each other. However, this does not mean that realism […]

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Kosovo, Rwanda, and Iraq

Humanitarian intervention is a controversial action to approve, but regardless of which choice is decided, the decision is important and must be meditated on. Globalization no longer allows ignorance to be justifiable; a stand must be taken. The decision regarding humanitarian intervention begins by viewing the motives taken for or against it. Humanitarian intervention has […]

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General Analysis of The First Presidential Debate

The surge of violence in Iraq marked by the death of more than fifty people (most of them children), on the 30th of September 2004,intensified the overall significance of the first presidential debate between Democratic contender, Senator John Kerry and President George W. Bush that evening. In the span of ninety minutes, the candidates not […]

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Realism and Neo-Realism in International Relations

The realist theory, founded by Hans Morgenthau, Arnold Wolfers, Kenneth Thomson, E. H. Carr and Georg Schwarzenberger, is based on the will to consider man and social relations, and most particularly political relations, a state of affairs rather than ideal. Not wanting to diminish the importance and necessity of the building of a pacifist and […]

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Research on Korean culture: How to business with a Korean company

Starting out on a professional trip in a foreign country or preparing to entertain foreign guests, any person should acquaint oneself with the rules and norms of that culture. This is certainly true of Korea, a nation that has distinctive cultural and social traits that may surprise many unprepared foreigners, especially those coming from Europe […]

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What Should Be the Future of Indonesia-Japan Relation

The diplomatic relation between Indonesia and Japan has been excellent since the Peace Agreement between the Republic of Indonesia and Japan, which was signed in January 1958. Indonesia considers Japan as one of its crucial partners in achieving its national development goals and with regard to its participation in maintaining the world order through a […]

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Foreign Aid

Foreign aid is the transfer of goods, capital or services from one country to another directly or indirectly through international organizations such as the World Bank, the United Nations Children’s Fund, and many others. It is meant to offer some benefits or help to the recipient country and it comes in several forms for example; […]

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