Internal Marketing Strategy

The aim of our internal marketing strategy is to emphasize on ADGAS business process and improve the quality of products. This will include business process among departments and protecting the environment through the proposed strategy. The identified internal market segments in ADGAS are DAS Island. Besides, it will be addressed to the employees that their […]

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Importance of an Internal Control System

Internal control system is a process, developed and implemented by an organization’s board of directors, management, and other employees, intended to provide assurance vis-a-vis achievement of organizational objectives (Peter, 2008). Objectives, which an organization achieves through an internal control system, are reliability of financial reporting, efficiency and effectiveness of operations, and conformity to relevant laws […]

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Earnings Management by Business Unit Managers

In the study conducted by Flora Guidry, Andrew J. Leone and Steve Rock (l997) entitled Earnings-Based Bonus Plans and Earnings Management by Business Unit Managers, tests the Fixed-Target Hypothesis, wherein it is hypothesized that managers make discretionary accrual decisions to maximize their short-term bonuses.

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