Auto Insurance

Introduction GEICO is an acronym that stands for Government Employees Insurance Company is an auto insurance company founded in Fort Worth, Texas in 1936 and has its headquarters in Chevy Chase, Maryland, USA. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway (Robert & Cunningham, 1997) and covers private passenger automobiles in all 50 states […]

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Insurance Company

Insurance in the Philippines is a booming business with a large number of players, but in fact it has old roots. During the Pre-Spanish Era, there was no insurance; every loss was borne by the person or the family who suffered the misfortune. The first insurance company, in its present concept, to operate here was […]

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Insurance Matrix

In comparing or contrasting auto and health insurance they are different from each other even though, they both are insurances one is for automobile that involves a vehicle and health insurance is for self. The comparison both have is that they are both very important, and we need to have these insurances. Auto insurance nowadays […]

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The Patient Affordable Care Act

The Patient Affordable Care Act also known as the Obamacare was created on March 23, 2012. The Affordable Care Act is a health care law that aims to ensure that all Americans have access to quality, affordable healthcare by increasing access to health coverage for Americans and introducing new protections for people who already have […]

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Solution to the FDIC Deposit Insurance Fund: A Response

After recently discovering a desire to have a career in Office Administration, I decided to take classes to obtain further training. In one of my classes, English 121 to be exact; I was required to interview someone in the specific field that I would consider entering into. I chose to conduct my interview with Ashley […]

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History of Insurance

From the early days of civilisation men have formed societies whose members promised to help each other in the event of a misfortune. As early as 900 BC, the merchants of the Rhodes Island in the Mediterranean agreed to share certain risks among themselves. The modern concept of insurance — where insurers collect small premiums […]

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Real Insurance

Real Insurance is a long reputation South African based corporation that has in recent times begun its operations in Australia. With this, the corporation has innate all the globalization issues that most companies in this period are going through. Organisational Culture, vision, values, social embracement etc are a significant few. As Michael Hitt (2000) highlights […]

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How Geography Impacts Insurance Industry in Canada

Insurance is a form of risk management primarily used to protect against the risk of the contingent, uncertain loss. Insurance is defined as the equitable transfer of the risk of a loss, from one entity to another, in exchange for payment (Wikipedia). Insurance is important to everyone in Canada and also in the world. Insurance […]

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Dental Insurance

There are various kinds of health/medical insurance in modern times, and insurance for dental health is one of its significant aspects. Dentistry is a medical discipline that addresses the oral health of an individual. Dental insurance is offered to individuals and families who obtain their dental insurance coverage through large groups or through their employers or […]

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Life insurance has its origin way back in Babylonian times, around 2100 B. C. , the Code of Hammurabi was the first basic insurance policy. This policy was paid by the traders in the form of a loan to guarantee the safe arrival of their goods by caravan. Of course, caravans faced the same kind […]

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