Biology and Management of Key Insect Pests of Pulse Crops

Pulses are defined as the dried edible seeds of cultivated legumes. The English word pulse is originated from the Latin word ‘puls’, meaning pottage or thick pap. They belong to the family Leguminosae and include peas, beans and lentils. The edible pulses constitute a large group of various species that are capable or surviving in […]

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Bomb Detecting Honey Bees

Police and military personnel have been using dogs to sniff out explosives for decades. According to scientists from Los Alamos National Laboratory, Mexico who have been working with honeybees since 1999, believe that bees can actually challenge dogs when it comes to sense of smell. The buzzing insects that seek out molecular hints of the […]

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How Does a Dragonfly Survive in Its Habitat

Usually living near water, the dragonfly is one of earth’s creatures that are not only very useful, but also beautiful. They belong to thee insect group Odonata. Dragonflies come in varied colors; their bodies often blue, green, purple, and even bronze. Their wings seem to shimmer as if made of silver, especially when under the […]

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A woodlouse is a crustacean with a rigid, segmented, long exoskeleton and fourteen jointed limbs. Woodlice form the suborderOniscidea within the order Isopoda, with over 3,000 known species. The woodlouse has a shell-like exoskeleton, which it must progressively shed as it grows. The moult takes place in two stages; the back half is lost first, […]

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