Technological Innovations

Technology had been defined as the usage of organized tools, techniques and methods that follow a systematic procedure. The term is both used as a general term or in specific references for example medical technology, electrical technology and construction technology. Technology has continued to affect human beings in many untold ways and will continue to […]

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Management Accounting, Roles and Innovations within Organizations

Introduction In today’s market, organizations manage to prosper and remain in the competitive environments of business through constant innovations. Management accounting has contributed a great deal in these innovations towards the organizations’ success. What is more, Steve Jobs once said that innovation distinguishes a leader and a follower. Additionally, change in today’s organization is inevitable […]

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Innovations in the Organizations

A strategy is the plan that combines the core business objectives of the organizations, actions and policies in order for it to attain its goal. A good strategy ensures that the resources are made available in order for the organization to meet that specific goal. One of the strategies of the organization is produce goods […]

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Radical Innovations In The Past 25 Years

Radical Innovation # 1:SOCIAL MEDIA 1. What has been the nature of each of these innovations? With Internet on the rise, and being widely available and used by everyone, especially the new generations, there was a need to ‘stay connected’ as more and more people were travelling, and moving away from their home towns. 2. […]

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