Innocence Taken

In a world of violence and greed, parents are on the frontlines of a morality battle for the sake of their children. If they are not battling teen drug and alcohol abuse, these protectors of progeny constantly monitor for depression, sexual behavior, bad influences, and everything under the sun that could be in harms way […]

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To Kill a Mockingbird-Innocence

Innocence is a time when a person has never done something, it is the first step of the theme of innocence to experience. The second step in the movement from innocence to experience, is experience. This step is what is achieved after a person or thing has done something they have never done before or […]

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Fall from Innocence in a Separate Peace

“All things truly wicked start from innocence,” is a quote first said by Ernest Hemmingway, an author and journalist from Illinois. This quote is basically saying that innocence may start out as something seen as purity, in a person possessing this attribute, but eventually leads to immoral and sinful events. In my opinion this is […]

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