Depiction of Gender Inequality in Literary Works

Introduction It goes without saying that writers wrote the majority of literary works under the influence of their environment. This includes their communities and the activities they were participating in. Others were motivated by the political affairs that were the most prevalent at that time. The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin and The […]

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The New Technology Vs Global Inequality

Introduction Technology can be conceptualized as an applied science. It is the application of scientific principles for practical use. Technology presents nations and individuals with an opportunity for industrial growth and leadership in the industrial economy. It has contributed to a network society in which power is shifting from national states to global networks resulting […]

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Inequality in the UK

The Oxford English Dictionary defines inequality as “the quality of being unequal or uneven”. The instance of being unequal may arise from the disparity of distribution or opportunity and spans all social dogmas including: gender, race, political or religious persuasion. There are many forms of measuring inequality wealth, consumption and opportunity but there are problems […]

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How much does one learn about the state of inequality

There has been considerable interest in inequality recently, due mainly to the fact that there seems to be positive relationship between equality and future growth (Persson & Tablellini [1994]). I have attempted to show in this essay what one can learn about the state of inequality in a developing country by looking at a measure […]

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What is wrong with inequality

Since the days of the French Revolution, the concept of equality has become a fundamental issue concerning political and legal philosophy. The idea that men are created equal, suggests that a level of equality should be reflected when making economic, social and political decisions involving society. Equality is not concerned in making everyone uniform, but […]

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Inequality among Regions

It is argued by Theil, Chen, Clements and Moss (1996) that the conditions of inequality experienced by the countries stems from their nature of being divided into regions. Regionalization requires that there are several countries that are situated proximally to one another are grouped together into a single lump. Internationally, there are several blocks that […]

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Inequalities on City Road

In my assignment TMA01 I will introduce some inequalities on City Road in Cardiff. First of all I want to start by explaining what inequalities actually means. Later on I will pick two examples from the Learning Companion 1 and the Making Social Lives DVD to give a deeper understanding of inequalities in our society. […]

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