Independence Day in India

In 1946, the Labour government in Britain, its exchequer exhausted by the recently concluded World War II, and conscious that it had neither the mandate at home, the international support, nor the reliability of native forces for continuing to control an increasingly restless India, decided to end British rule of India, and in early 1947 […]

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Analysis of the Declaration of Independence

As a testament of a nation’s democratic foundations, the Declaration of Independence is arguably the most significant document in American History. Penned by Thomas Jefferson and the parliamentary government at the time, the document persuasively argues for the separation of the united colonies of America from the rule of the British Monarch. The document is […]

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Enlightenment, Romanticism and the American Declaration of Independence

In our day, we instinctively associate Western Civilization with liberty, individualism and reason. However, liberal democracy is more recent phenomena. Many crucial aspects of the civilization of Western countries of today developed from the time of French and American revolutions. Before 1800 CE, the modern Western civilization was in many ways in formative stages. For […]

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Voices of an Emerging Nation

1.Based on the readings in this unit, what do the readings in this unit reveal about diversity within the new nation? Use at least three specific examples from the reading selections. Your answer should be at least one complete paragraph. Answer: The readings in this unit reveal the diversity within the new nation about American […]

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