Discrimination against German and Irish Immigrants

The Declaration of Independence states, All men are created equal,, but, taking a look at our nations history, we can clearly see that this statement is not valid. This was not accepted by the thousands of slave owners based in the South and the people who enforced oppression upon womens rights as equals. The nation’s […]

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Chinese –American Immigrants

The main themes that were raised by Vivian S. Louie in “Ethnic Culture, Immigration and Race in America” are what motivates the Chinese –American immigrants to pursue education and excel in it and life generally relative to other immigrants, and the reason as to why they invite hate and admiration in equal measure. In American […]

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Immigration and Immigrants

Under the influence of globalization and with the rapid elimination of formal borders, the issues of transnational migration and assimilation have become much more urgent. Present-day scholars are becoming increasingly concerned about the way migration expands the boundaries of social imagination and changes the cultural and ethnic patterns in non-immigrant communities. The goal of this […]

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Chinese Immigrants’ Contribution to Australia

During the second half of the nineteenth century, a significant number of people seeking careers went to the distant areas where gold was discovered. It is called Gold Rush. After California was called ‘gold mountain’, Australia was regarded as ‘new gold mountain’ as the gold was found in Victoria in 1851 (Barwick & Barwick, 2001). […]

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Riot in France

Among the many possible causes for 2005 riots was the policy of assimilation and integration of immigrants and the imposition of a single national language and identity on all citizens. By imposing French as the sole national language, the French state had effectively gagged generations of immigrants, making it impossible for them to succeed at […]

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Health Care for Undocumented Immigrants

Health care is a very complicated subject especially lately with the new reform that the government is implementing. A highly increasing portion of the population it’s currently uninsured not including a large percent that are immigrants in need of health care coverage. For this population we have to keep in mind that the status of […]

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Issues with Government Health care and Rights for Illegal Immigrants

Ever since the 1970s, a resurgence of immigration to the United States has grown into a disquieting phenomenon. The number of legal immigrants is estimated to be almost equal to the number of illegal immigrants. Due to this rise in immigrant population and the nature of the immigrants themselves, immigration has grown to become a […]

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Exploring Immigrants and their Identities

With respect to US laws, the term immigrant includes people who entered the country and are allowed to reside there permanently (Jasso & Rosenzweig, 1990). There are rights attached to being an immigrant such as suffrage, employment in both the private and public sector, and participation in activities meant for US citizens (Jasso & Rosenzweig, […]

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Immigrant Detention Centers

From the historical perspective, the reason for noncitizen detention has been supported with several notions, namely: detention secures or prevents labor relationships with immigrants, immigrants will attend hearings, and they will cooperate with authorities. However, at the same time detention puts immigrants out due process and criminal justice protections. David Cole, constitutional law expert, points […]

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Do You Agree That, Immigrants Should Try to Become Part of the Culture in Their New Home, and Not Hold Onto the Traditions of Their Home Culture I neither agree nor disagree with the following statement: “Immigrants should try to become part of the culture in their new home, and not hold onto the traditions […]

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Baba and Nyonya – Cultural Anthropology

Peranakan Chinese and Baba-Nyonya are terms used for the descendants of late 15th and 16th-century Chinese immigrants to the Indonesian archipelago of Nusantara during the Colonial era. Members of this community in Melaka address themselves as “Nyonya Baba” instead of “Baba-Nyonya”. Nyonya is the term for the ladies and Baba for the gentlemen. It applies […]

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Immigrants in America

In my home country I heard that: America is a place where dreams can come true. This is the reason why my family immigrated to America and settled in Queens five years ago. Everyone in the world wants to have a bite of this big apple, New York City. But the path to make this […]

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The Effects of the Multicultural Act of 1985

The influx of immigrants into Canada during the 1980’s caused Canadians to sharply realize the need for a multicultural society. Canada’s nurses were faced with the challenge of integrating multiple ethnic cultures into the practice of medicine. The Canadian Multiculturalism Act of 1985 was a step in the direction of integration (Multiculturalism Act, 1985). A […]

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Difficulty of Immigrants to get good jobs in Canada

People from the European Union member states and the Asian countries have packed up their bags to migrate to Canada. Many of them are engineers, medical doctors, accountants, teachers, pharmacists and the like. Many enter Canada with high hopes that it will bring them the pot of gold that they could not find in their […]

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Why are Immigrants Unemployed

I. Why are Immigrants Unemployed? There are several reasons why Immigrants are unemployed in Toronto Canada. Several reasons have been stated by the Hamilton Spectator as to why unemployment rates are high for the immigrants. The reasons stated are the following: employers refuse to recognize overseas credentials, immigrants are barred from school to re-qualify and […]

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The Failed Prohibition

Prohibition Failed! During prohibition, which lasted from 1920 to 1933 many people became corrupted and criminally creative about how to consume alcohol. Everyone seemed to be in on the action. Prohibition was a massive social experiment that failed because it turned regular citizens into criminals, created organized crime, and corrupted government officials; it also harmed […]

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