Sociological Imagination Issues

In the reading sections provided in the chapter, different individuals and families are not living at the same economic margins. The readings however emphasize that poverty and inequality have remained deeply entrenched. It is clear that the challenge of alleviating poverty in the United States and improving living conditions is both structural and contingent. From […]

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Sociological Imagination

Some time ago, evangelists who came to spread the gospel visited my community. Preachers were at first scorned at; many people from the community adhere to the religion other than Christianity. However, they were persistent in their attempts to talk with as many individuals as possible. They argued that Jesus Christ is God. Their efforts […]

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Wilson/Frost Differences Between Realism and Imagination

When I was a child, I often passed the time by playing imaginary games in which I was sometimes a superhero, sometimes a pirate, sometimes a teacher. I played these games all the way through elementary school, and when I was ten, I invited a friend over to my house, in the hopes that she […]

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Imagination is priceless. Life itself was a form of imagination. Everything that surround’s one’ presence is built by imagination. Imagination cannot be bought, sold or traded; it can only be explained and brought into life. The world would cease to exist without imagination. Imagination is the foundation of development on earth as it affects each […]

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