Realism and Idealism in International Politics

Realism and idealism are the spectrum ends of attitudes that deal with tactics to the chase of strategies in the world politics. Realists are categorically termed as followers of realism, national security, balance of power and politics. Also, they are viewed as conservatives, state centric scholars, pessimists, hard headed policy makers, and serious theorists. Comparatively, […]

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Pragmatism, Realism and Idealism

Idealism Idealism (French “idealisme” from Greek “idea”) is the general designation of philosophical doctrines asserting that the consciousness, thinking, mental and spiritual things are initial, fundamental, and a matter, nature and physical things are secondary, derivative. So, idealism resists to materialism in the decision of the basic question of philosophy – about the relation of […]

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With Light there is No Darkness and with Idealism There is No Truth

Just like light cannot exist in harmony with darkness, idealism and truth are two facets that in no circumstance can get along and exist collectively. In other words, idealism usually implies perfection, while truth implies something harsh and dirty (when it is juxtaposed with idealism). Truth, however, can be literally symbolized as a diamond in […]

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