A Good Idea

A Good Idea I have lost my faith. At times I even call myself an atheist. I do not believe in god and have not since just recently. My mother was a kind, strong willed, caring individual. She also had cancer. My mother became a symbol of fighting this disease because she fought off six […]

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Business Strategy or Idea

Work related processes can be a big challenge for business organizations particularly in ensuring the efficiency of the various operations within the company. The previously used methods such as direct recording of data such as the pen and paper method or the excel sheet application have exhibited numerous flaws with respect to efficiency of operations. […]

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The Liberals Idea of Freedom

By definition, liberals are individuals who accord primacy to liberty as a political value. One way that liberals accord primacy to liberty is through their strand of popular thought advocated by Locke, which asserts that “humans are naturally in a state of perfect freedom to their actions,… as they think fit,… without asking leave or […]

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The Idea of Suicide

To be or not to be is a phrase of soliloquy. The play is drafted from the William Shakespeare’s play ”Hamlet”, act 3, scene 1. The action took place at around 1600. The play remains the most famous masterpiece of literature in the world. The play is the commonly known and there exists an argument […]

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Bus Ticket by Zoe Fairbairns

While reading the short story “Bus Ticket” by Zoe Fairbairns, I really enjoyed every minute because I felt sympathy and I was familiar with the main character’s ideas and thoughts. The most thing that I like in the story is the way she explains her approach for acceptance if someone dislikes or rejects her. “I […]

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Assignment Two

1. What might a client’s appearance include evidence of? Subjective distress Disturbance of thought or feeling Expressing behavior subconsciously 2. What should a therapist be aware of when taking note of a clients manner and content of talk? Slowing Incoherence Evasiveness Flights of ideas. 3. Give examples of disorders of mood The experience of emotion […]

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Where Good Ideas Come from

Bill recently read Steven Johnson’s book, “Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation”, and found it useful as a way to think about the kinds of environments that foster creative collaboration and innovation. I picked up Steven Johnson’s book, Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation, with a little […]

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Chicken Hips

In the essay “Chicken Hips” by Catherine Pigott, she discussed the pressure of society, and how, in context, they were pressured to think that the only way they could be appreciated was to succumb to society. I disagree that, for Catherine, joining the gym was a good idea. First of all, Catherine claims that while […]

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Descartes vs. Spinoza

What I will do in this following paper is to discuss two very interesting philosophers, Rene Descartes and Benedictus de Spinoza. I will discuss each philosopher’s perspectives and insights on their most recognized theories and thoughts.

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