Where and why Hurricanes form and describe their main characteristics

Hurricanes, also known as Typhoons, Cyclones and Willy Willies, are extremely powerful low-pressure systems. They are natural Disasters that are responsible for a great number of deaths as they are virtually unstoppable. They are most recurrently generated over the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and most common in autumn when ocean temperatures are at their highest. […]

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What are Hurricanes

Hurricanes are violent tropical storms, an atmospheric movement in which the wind blows spirally round towards a centre of low barometric pressure. They are characterised by very strong winds and torrential rains. Hurricanes kill more than 20,000 people a year. Worldwide, that is more than any other form of natural disaster. A large hurricane can […]

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I have been in five hurricanes throughout my twenty years of life and I did not enjoy any of them. The first Hurricane I was in happened to be Hurricane Andrew when I was three years old. I do not remember much of it other than returning home from New York City and seeing my […]

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Hurricane Katrina

August 29, 2005 Hurricane Katrina hits the Gulf Coast of Louisiana. A plan of action was created only hours ahead of time. One can say the catastrophe of Hurricane Katrina and the poor execution is a lesson learned for all officials who are the head of Natural Disaster Preparedness. Unfortunately 1200 lives were lost and […]

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Seeing Poverty After Katrina

Sometimes it takes an unfortunate event or even a crisis for people to realized many things. This is exactly what happened when hurricane Katrina affected numerous places in the United States and brought disastrous consequences to the lives of many people. Numerous citizens lost their homes as well as other properties and even worse are […]

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Influences on Human Behavior

On August 29, 2005, over one million Americans experienced the loss of homes, jobs, cars, and even family members within a matter of hours as a result of the forceful winds and raging waters of Hurricane Katrina. However, much unlike the aftermath of other natural disasters, for the stranded inhabitants of New Orleans, the worst […]

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Every Little Hurricane

Although it was winter, the nearest ocean four hundred miles away, and the Tribal Weatherman asleep because of boredom, a hurricane dropped from the sky in 1976 and fell so hard on the Spokane Indian Reservation that it knocked Victor from bed and his latest nightmare. It was January and Victor was nine years old. […]

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Coriolis Effect

Hurricanes are large and heavy engines which are run by heat. The tropics available in the North and South of Equator consist of warm waters during the late summer. The storms are not initialized near the equator because the rotation of the storms is caused by Coriolis Effect. The Coriolis Effect does not deflect the […]

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Comparison and Contrast of the Hurricane Katrina Response and 9/11 Terrorist Attack

New Orleans became known for the impact it suffered when Hurricane Katrina reached landfall. In the same way, the world was never the same again after the 9/11 attack. Commentators claimed that the country has undergone a profound sense of awakening and changed in the light of these disasters.

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