Hurricane Katrina

Reminders of Poverty, Soon Forgotten

The story starts out about what happen with Hurricane Katrina In New Orleans. how It showed that there was still so much poverty in Unites States. It discusses about how so many people had forgotten about this growing Issue because so many people were turning a blind eye to the Issue. The news footage really […]

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How Hurricane Katrina Changed My Life

On Saturday August 27th 2005, my wife and I had a lot of things on our minds. I was home from an eight hour overtime outcall, at my new job with Cable One in Long Beach, MS. Having only been there five days and also in the middle of packing to move from Bay St. […]

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Hr After a Disaster

After Hurricane Rita struck Lake Charles, in southwest Louisiana, on September 24, 2005, many businesses wondered if they would ever return to their former selves. Massive destruction was everywhere. Lake Charles, know for its large and beautiful oak and pine trees, now had the job of removing those downed trees from homes, businesses, and lots. […]

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Case Study: Hurricane Katrina

On day 23 of August tropical storm Katrina formed of the coast of the Bahamas. During which time residences throughout the east coast of Florida were already preparing. During the next six days Katrina made a turn to the south west and when it crossed under the Florida Keys it quickly veered north as it […]

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What Followed After Hurricane Katrina

The communication system broke down hours after Hurricane Katrina because there was a significant communication and coordination problems at all levels of government. At the moment, much time and effort was being spent assigning culpability; lack of preparation, delayed decision making, bureau tic tie-ups, and political infighting to individuals and agencies. 2. The purpose of […]

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The New Orleans Saints: Taking Their City Back

February 7th, 2010. Super Bowl XLIV. Four years post Hurricane Katrina. As smoke cleared from “The Who” halftime concert, Thomas Morstead, the kicker for the New Orleans Saints, set to kick the ball off to the Indianapolis Colts to start the third quarter. With the Saints down 10 to 6, and Indianapolis’s Chad Simpson standing […]

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How Hurricane Katrina Changed My Perspective About Life

I was born into a closely knit family from Louisiana that also has very deep familial relations with relatives who reside in Baton Rouge and New Orleans. We had a very good life living in our respective areas of New Orleans until that fateful day in 2005 when the lives of everyone residing within the […]

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Hurricane Katrina Response `Too Little, Too Soon`

Hurricane Katrina was the costliest and one of the deadliest hurricanes in American history. It was the eleventh named storm, fifth hurricane, third major hurricane and second Category 5 hurricane of the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season, and was the sixth strongest Atlantic hurricane ever recorded. Katrina formed over the Bahamas on August 23, 2005, and […]

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Ellen DeGeneres Commencement Speech Analysis

Graduation caps fly into the air, cheers erupt, and diplomas are received. This is a typical graduation day. Not only did these ceremonial events take place for Tulane University’s class of 2009, but Ellen DeGeneres was there to congratulate them as well! This class was dubbed the “Katrina Class” for being survivors of the devastating […]

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