Archery in Hunting and Sports

Archery was born as a war aid and hunting method. With the advent and increased popularity of firearms, archery started declining. English style long bows were used for a long time in competition archery and hunting in the United States. Ishi, the last survivor of the Yahi Indian tribe emerged from hiding in California in […]

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Bows and Arrows – The New and the Old

Archery started as a hunting and war pursuit but presently, it has come to be limited to only hunting and recreation. It uses a bow and an arrow to shoot a target or prey. It is a game requiring extreme expertise and skill and has evolved a great deal since its birth in the late […]

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Archery – Then and Now

Starting as a hunting activity, archery in the modern day world of sports has become more of an entertainment sport. It uses arrows and bows to reach a decided target. A player or practitioner of archery is typically called an archer; he can even be called a bowman. However, an enthusiast or an expert of […]

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Wildebeest Hunt

The wind gently flowing, the trees swaying, the grass lush green and the sweet smell of wild flowers- a perfect time to hunt. It was a spring evening when me and my cousins were on our way to the ‘Hawaan Forest’ for hunting the new specie of wildebeest. Wildebeests are more like reindeers with large […]

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Ban hunting

18th of June 1997, government bans all hunting with dogs. The historical vote was 411 to151, yet some how the cruel sport still exists; in fact it is thriving without government intervention. So unfortunately, the suffering for the animals in the hunted areas continues, and it is all happening away from public eyes. I will […]

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Goverments Should Place a Permanent Ban on Canned Hunting

Canned, captive or enclosed hunting, are all names for a method of killing human-raised exotic and wild animals which are cornered in small enclosures at a trophy hunting facility and shot to death. Over the decades, canned hunting has become a booming and lucrative business all over the world. When wealthy road hunters and weekend […]

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Duck Shooting

There has always been an issue with animal cruelty of duck shooting in Victoria. Journalist Kylie Hansen contributes a opinion piece “lame duck decision on shooting” March 2nd, 2009. Hansen ask many questions towards the Victorian Government decision allow the duck hunting season to go ahead. Despite the recent terrible bushfires and drought conditions, Hansen […]

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Ethical Hunting

When it comes to the issue of hunting there are different points of view. There are three distinct groups that exist: the hunters, the non-hunters, and the anti-hunters. While non-hunters themselves do not participate in the long time tradition they accept that others do. The anti-hunters condemn both the activity and the people that partake […]

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