Hungary Between Former Soviet Union and the European Union

With the demise of Communist governments throughout the area of Soviet hegemony, new regimes have undertaken the privatization of many sectors of the region’s economies and political systems. The new changes faces numerous obstacles, some universal and some unique to the practice of law. While the problems plaguing other sectors of these privatizing economies have […]

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Environmental Law – The Republic of Hungary

I began my research with hard copies. I started with recommended books on the relevant topic. First, I read Environmental Law (Bell and McGillivray). Although, I did not find the latest edition at Stratford Public Library but it was very helpful in identifying principles such as; sustainable development, precautionary principle and the ‘polluter pays’ principle. […]

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Hungarian Revolution

A Plan of the investigation 1.Subject of the investigation How the political thoughts of Imre Nagy did change so fast leading up to the 1956 Hungarian Revolution? 2.Method of investigation i.Study the history of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. I selected authors who had direct memories of the events and of Imre Nagy. ii.Study various sources […]

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