Black Humor

Langston Hughes says, “Humor is laughing at what you haven’t got when you ought to have it. Of course, you laugh by proxy. You’re really laughing at the other guy lacks, not your own. That’s what makes it funny-The fact that you don’t know you are laughing at yourself. Humor is when the joke is […]

Humor in Women’s Writings Analysis

Women’s writings are actually considered to contain more emotions compared with the writings from male writers. Truthfully, although their write-ups present the truth, it could be seen how women always see the lighter side of things through the utilization of humorous matters that are able to present the truth even though how hard to take […]

Comedy, Humor, and Satire in Drama

Comedy refers to a movie, play or other forms of drama that is full of humorous characters and has joyful ending. It usually deals with the daily lives of ordinary citizens. For this reason, characters in comedy are plain and live an ordinary life. The first examples of comedies were mostly satirical. The Greeks used […]

Importance of Humor

We are such a different species. We are also a species with a sense of humor. I think the two are connected. Current research has indicated that humor, specifically to laugh, is the opposite of the stress situation on the body and immune system, so, it’s obvious to me that a sense of humor would calm […]

Humor as a Strange Attractor in Organizations

In this paper we will explore the topic of complexity and leadership in relation with humor as a strange attractor in organizations. This topic can be interesting because of the strangeness of humor that can affect people’s performance and overall leadership success. At the same time, negative humor can make negative working environment. Nevertheless, we […]

Humor in a Midsummer Night’s Dream

Shakespeare uses many different ways to portray humor in his play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream. ” Puck is a mischievous, outgoing fairy who just likes to have fun. He often makes silly mistakes, the most memorable one being that he put the love juice in the wrong man’s eyes! So instead of Demetrius falling in […]

Humor & Persuasion

On a daily basis, people deal with a lot of persuasion and it has progressively influenced today’s modern society; for example, with people having access to the media, such as television, newspapers, radio, and internet there has been an increase in the frequency of advertisements, which companies attempt to persuade the media audience to purchase […]

Perception of workplace humor: A Beguiling Basement of Human Understanding

Even as the modern world is running after countless gadgets to stay away from stress and strain, the need for simple humor has never lost its edge as a rejuvenating element in human life. Workplace humor, now popularly known as WHS, not only wipes out stress or tension, but also helps to enhance the quality […]

Design, Humor and Advertising

Humor in advertising if well presented could bring about an unprecedented success as it can be so much arresting to the attention of the viewing audience. However if the method is not properly done it can leave a damaging effect and can turn out to be counterproductive. It leaves indelible mark in the memory of […]

Comedy and Humor

People can interpret humor in many different ways. Some people may find a joke hilarious while other may find it offensive. People must be careful of how they use humor. Some may find it offensive because the joke makes fun of their culture or their personality. We experience comedy in our everyday lives, or when […]

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