The evolving aspects of technology make it a diverse and dynamic factor of human life in the world today. Therefore, it is critical that the constant developments in technology be checked to ensure the fundamental characteristics of human nature are not compromised. The OTA was a functional control mechanism of determining the value and drawbacks […]

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Kosovo, Rwanda, and Iraq

Humanitarian intervention is a controversial action to approve, but regardless of which choice is decided, the decision is important and must be meditated on. Globalization no longer allows ignorance to be justifiable; a stand must be taken. The decision regarding humanitarian intervention begins by viewing the motives taken for or against it. Humanitarian intervention has […]

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Humanistic perspective

Abraham Maslow (1908-1970) developed hierarchy of needs as he believed we are all seeking to be the best we can be which he called the self-actualisation. There are five stages an individual needs to follow starting from the bottom up the hierarchy. * Basic physical needs: * Safety and security needs: * Love and emotional […]

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Studying Humanities: a Waste of Time

Some may say that studying humanities, namely degrees like Philology or History, is not as useful as studying more pragmatic degrees like Economics or Engineering. Humanities are thought to be good for general knowledge, but unpractical and more often than not leading to poorly paid jobs the hundreds of students who enrol in these degrees […]

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Perspective in Humanities

In the society, there are many stories of tragedies and triumphs reflecting the diversity of culture of the people and its significant impact on the personal identity and moral issue of the involved individual. Indeed, the personal values and moral judgment of each individual are significantly affected by their actual experiences in the aspect of […]

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Humanities Today

Humanities can defined as the totality of human being, or the investigation of the natural human processes and social relationships (Webster online). Looking around the world today it is interesting to think about the events of the world that have paved the road for what exists today. Many changes took place in fourteenth century and […]

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Defining Humanities

Humanities is the study of language, philosophy, communication, environment, history, religion, sociology, arts, culture, education and ethics. The word humanities originally comes from the Latin word, “humanus. ” The word humanus means “human. ” To be “human” is to possess the qualities and attributes of man. Being human also has the feelings and dispositions proper […]

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Collectivism vs. Individual

The differences between the two cultures in the movie are that the Japanese believed in working hard to better benefit the company. They showed up on time and they showed up everyday. The Americans were only concerned with how much they were getting paid and would come in late and leave early. The first difference […]

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