Human Resources Interview Project

Lifetime Fitness Indianapolis is an organization that is involved in health and fitness programs. Irrespective of what a client chooses, the organization can help an individual to get more out of it. The company is involved in offering physical fitness services like yoga, workout sessions for the family, and weight loss programs that is inclusive […]

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Human Resources Sector

The human resources sector is among the most significant departments in any institution. More or less, all the company’s undertakings are related to and revolve within the human resource department. A human resource professional ought to carry out a lot of tasks and responsibilities in an organization. Such activities are geared towards the realization of […]

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Human Resources Planning, Recruitment & Selection

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the external and internal factors affecting Orica’s management functions. This will be accomplished by explaining how Orica Company has been able to deal with each internal and external environmental factor that affects the company. The external environment assessment of Orica has been conducted after the internal environment […]

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Human Resources’ Practitioner

A lot of companies have discovered the necessity to reinvent the purpose and responsibility of the human resources sector. What is required is a human resource function that enlarges its center of attention further than its customary outfit and transactional responsibility. To develop its efficiency and attain superior results, human resources ought to be aware […]

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Human Resources Management

The concept of work culture can be explained as an energy field that works to determine how people in an organization think, act and view the world around them. It constitutes of the values, beliefs and ideas that control the way the organization will conduct business. For an organization to meet its strategic goal and […]

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Human Resources In Organizations Issue

1. Introduction After my appointment as HR director in a public sector utility organization, I was given a task to implement family friendly working policies within the organization. One of my immediate concerns was establishing effective part-time policies. This would result in the change of organizational culture. Currently part-time workers are viewed as junior staff […]

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Human Resources In Organizations

Introduction It is really important to take into account the human factor at work, including the increase of complexity of production as well as increased competition on the market place. That is why various technologies should be used in the field of personnel management allowing successful coordination of many people (Dessler 2012). Business coaching was […]

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Human Resources – Communication Leadership

A company or any other type of organization consists of people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Human resources refer to the management of these individuals to assist in attainment of the organizational goals. Leadership in human resources management deals with enrolment, training, and supervision of employees’ performance. These facets and processes in leadership require effective […]

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Human Resources and Technology

This article attempts to evaluate two organizational areas that relates to Exxon Mobil organization about human resources and technology. How does the organization train its human resource? How has the organization applied technology in its operations? It will further discuss how the organization has optimized these organizational resources for effectiveness and efficiency. Talk of technology […]

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Human Resources and Change

Introduction The three main responsibilities of human resources management include attracting, developing and maintaining a quality workforce. These responsibilities will be discussed in the context of Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is a leading retail chain in the United States of America. Founded in 1962, the company has since doubled its fortunes to become the dominant player in […]

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