How Personal Perceptions Influence Human Resource Management Decisions

???No man ever looks at the world with pristine eyes. He sees it edited by a definite set of customs and institutions and ways of thinking (Benedict, 1934)??? It frequently happens that we form our personal perceptions and tend to categorize the world because it serves our need for cognitive efficiency in that it saves […]

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Sonys Evolving Human Resource Challenge

In the world today, firms of various kinds produce multimedia systems ranging from home entertainment systems to laptops computers. Sony is one of the foremost and leading manufacturers of home entertainment systems, media players, game console and laptop computers. The companies also operate motion picture divisions like the Sony picture entertainment. The company’s head office […]

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Does Strategic Human Resource Management Matter in High-Tech Sector

This report is written on a paper by Azhdar Karami, Brian M. Jones and Nada Kakabadse. They illustrate the importance of Human Resource Management on an SME firm’s performance and hypothesize it to be positively correlated. The second hypothesis was that the human resource is more involved in high performance firms than low performance ones. […]

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Report on an Human Resource Management

The case study discusses the transition from transactional to transformational human resource management in all public institutions of the state of Michigan. Conventionally, HRM in public administration is entrusted with performing a traditional set of transactional tasks, such as recruitment, benefits, and job classification. However, this approach perceives HRM as a cost instead of viewing […]

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