Hospitality Essay

Hospitality is the reception and hosting of visitors, guests or strangers and offering them catering, entertainment, lodging, transport and other services. Hospitality is common with hotels and resorts. The hospitality industry works closely with tourism, and it has grown tremendously over time. The growth of the hospitality industry has been majorly due to technology. Technology […]

Hospitality Management and Business Risk

Hospitality involves being in constant contact with customers. Many different aspects of leadership often come to play in these instances. Good leadership is founded on the concept of talent, culture of an organization as well as ethics. An individual’s talent needs to be developed to enable one perform leadership roles appropriately. First, one needs to […]

Hospitality Facilities Management

In an attempt to create and sustain customer satisfaction, the hotel industry players try to improve their facilities through involving different professionals in the industry for example the hospitality managers, hotel designers and the architects. A good hotel design is the key factor that promotes sales and subsequent profitability. This design involves creativity and the […]

Crisis Management in Hospitality Industry

Crisis management is an interesting issue to discuss. Different types of organizations and different fields of human activities are connected with the ability of managers to deal with current hardships and challenges instantly. Different external factors influence the circumstances of companies’ operations. Hospitality industry is too much subjective to the financial and economic factors. In […]

Strategic Direction Analysis in Hospitality Industry

Hospitality is a very essential component of the service industry in any country’s national economy. When a domestic hospitality company decides to expand its operation into a foreign country, its overseas development is recognized as international business and its business revenues generated from overseas operations are described as a service export. Thus far, the term […]

Improving Collaboration in Hospitality Organizations

Hospitality organizations are a significant part of the service economy employing people from all walks of life. Yet regardless of background, the personnel of hospitality organizations share certain commonalities in the kind of work they do and the services they provide. Eventually in the work setting, the attitudes and behaviors of hospitality personnel towards the […]

Recruitment Process in Hospitality Industry: A Business Analysis

Through the years, the hospitality industry has been an important component to the economy of US. It has represented 2. 6 per cent or $ 308. 1 billion in the gross domestic product (GDP) of the country in 2004 (Department of Labor 2006) and has been expected to generate more than 1. 6 million new […]

Hospitality Management

1. In your opinion what are the characteristics that you need to have in order to be a good manager in hospitality industry? Answer:  In hospitality industry every organization requires managers with leadership quality and inter-personal skills to plan, organize, direct and control his subordinates to achieve objectives and goals successfully. A good manager has […]

Hospitality and Tourism

Assalamualaikum and good morning to all friends. Today I want sharing to all about benefits choosing hospitality and tourism course. As we know, our college also have this course. This course had a 7 semester in 2 ? years. It also concentrated in culinary art, catering and restaurant. Let me introduce about what a hospitality. […]

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