Two Worlds, One Hope

Sizwe’s Test: A Young Man’s Journey Through Africa’s AIDS Epidemic focuses on Sizwe, a handsome and prosperous thirty year old shop keeper in Lusikisiki, South Africa. Through Sizwe, Jonny Steinberg works to answer a major question about AIDS: Why are so many AIDS victims in South Africa refusing to receive treatment and some, like Sizwe, […]

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“The Audacity of Hope”

In his book, The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream, first published in 2006, Obama narrate his early days, his mixed racial background, and the experience of living in different environments. He also throws a lot of focus on the situation of American politics discussing the flaws and issues affecting it, and […]

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Hope and Other Dangerous

Immigration is an important component of the Great American history. How the U.S citizens and its founders arrived at the United States soil. The novel hope and other dangerous pursuits by literary writer Laila Lalami is about the immigration phenomenon among the United States people. The novel entails an unfamiliar immigrant experience that the writer […]

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Theme of Hope

Hope in the face of adversity, hope in spite of the depression and mere survival they must endure, hope in the face of death and fear. One of the major themes that Cormac McCarthy emphasizes in The Road is hope: hope for a better world, hope that there are still good people out there. McCarthy […]

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False Hope

Oil—every country is dependent on this fast dwindling resource and with the “black gold” hitting world record prices, numerous countries have sought to replace oil with renewable energy that is clean (meaning it does not produce emissions) and inexhaustible.

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