Bird flu crisis in hong kong

Bird Flu Crisis in Hong Kong Introduction Do you know how many chickens do we consume every day? Three thousand, five thousand or more? We demand almost more than ten thousand chickens daily. What a big figure! We can see that chickens are very important to Chinese society. Chickens are always devoted to God and […]

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Social perception, impression formation

Throughout the ages, humans have distinguished themselves from the animal kingdom through the ability to reflect. This fundamental need to search for reasons in the interactive world has allowed us to exponentially improve our quality of life. This ability to think is pivotal in understanding social interactions. Thinking processes that include impression formation and the […]

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A Critical Analysis of Care Policy for Older People in Hong Kong

The ‘ageing population’ is a dilemma being faced world wide, placing increasing strain on formal and informal care. Social policies in Hong Kong offer a sharp contrast to Western policies and illustrate the impact cultural values have on policy making. This assignment will critically analyse current policy on the care of older people in Hong […]

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Has the Hong Kong civil service improved its service-culture

The Public Sector Reform in Hong Kong has launched since 1989. The objectives of economy, efficiency and effectiveness guided the reforms that aimed at improving the productivity of the public organizations. In order to further develop a performance and service-oriented culture, the Government announced its commitment to a major reform program in 1995 named “Serving […]

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Hong Kong is a heaven for the rich and hell for the poor

Hong Kong, one of the richest cities in the world and famously named the shopping paradise. However, behind the lights, there are a lot of people who sleep with their stomachs empty at night and never get enough food to eat every day. Even though Hong Kong has a lot of millionaires, its poverty rate […]

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Cyberport – Travel Writing

Cyberport is a vision of a future that never happened, a paused era of the forthcoming halted in the present. It was meant to be a new environment for new business opportunities to bloom juvenile and dynamic, it was the vision of a place of gathering, a place of new developments and new beginnings. But […]

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Hong Kong – City of Dreams

Have you ever wanted to travel to Hong Kong? Or to experience and merge in with other cultures? Although Hong Kong is a city that covers less than 1% of the world map, it’s a well- known international finance centre and a fabulous tourist attraction. It is famous for its prosperity; its high standards of […]

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Over the past three decades, Hong Kong has grown rapidly compared to other Asian countries to become the most efficient sea and air cargo handling hub. There are 9 cargo terminals in Hong Kong, handling 22 million TEU in 2013; while Hong Kong International Airport ranked first in the world in terms of air cargo […]

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The Adaptation of Gong Cha

This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (July 2013) Gong Cha’s logo Gong Cha is a Taiwan-style drink shop franchise originally from Kaohsiung.[1] Its first Hong Kong location opened in 2006, and by 2012 it had further […]

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Political Participation

Politics could be defined very broadly as the adjustment efforts of humans attempting to coexist in an interdependent relationship. In defining a political system, we refer it to a system which is a persistent pattern of human relationships that involves, to a significant extent, power, rule, or authority. Politics concerns about the process in which […]

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