Homeostasis and Pain Management

This paper critically evaluates the pain management that can be administered to Mrs. Elli Baker, a geriatric patient. Managing Pain in a Geriatric Patient Experiencing Multisystem Failure Pain is a frequent complaint for the elderly generation. The Merck Manual (2011) indicates that as the numbers of older individuals continues to surge, chronic diseases and frailty, […]

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Homeostatic mechanisms I have monitored

Homeostasis comes from the Greek words, homeo meaning constant and status meaning state or condition. This describes how the body needs to be kept at a constant state in order to work efficiently and reliably. The skin is a receptor monitoring temperature and uses feedback control sending messages to the brain and then to the […]

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Homeostasis is the process which maintains a constant internal body environment. The process relies on the mechanisms which keep this internal environment within very narrow limits, despite fluctuating external conditions. This is achieved by a process called negative feedback to maintain the set point. Whenever a change occurs in a system, receptors detect the change […]

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