Free College Admissions Essays: Hockey or Harvard?

College Admissions EssaysHockey or Harvard? In 1993, the Harold C. Case Scholarship for outstanding academic achievement was awarded to fourteen students in the Boston University junior class. I was one of two students in the College of Communication and one of two students in the School of Management to receive the award. I view this […]

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Boston Bruins Brings Home the 2011 Stanley Cup

After thirty-nine years, the Boston Bruins is finally taking a sip from the Stanley Cup after winning over the Vancouver Canucks at 4-0 in the evening of Wednesday, June 15 at the Rogers Arena, Vancouver, British Columbia. Tim Thomas, the Bruins’ goaltender cannot hide his thirst. Early that night, even though the Boston Bruins and […]

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NHL moves to four conferences

Although parties expected the issue to be rather contentious, the decision was quickly reached with a 26-4 vote by the NHL board of governors in favour of a new format of four conferences. The new format will guarantee that each team gets to play against the other 29 teams a minimum of two times per […]

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Hockey Tournament

Both teams collapsed on their benches exhausted. Sweat running down their faces and evil looks were being shot down the field to the opposing team. The spectators were enjoying an intense game of hockey on this bitterly cold July evening. A fierce wind blowing and the clouds covered the sky like a huge black cloak, […]

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NHL Hockey Team

In designing its marketing strategy for 1995 and beyond, the NHL has several options it can pursue to profitably expand its fan base. One such option is to implement a grassroots street-hockey program that attempts to increase understanding and interest of the game through participation. This strategy would encompass a travelling street-hockey tournament, equipment donations […]

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Concussions in Pro Hockey

Why is there an epidemic of concussions in the Professional Hockey? (National Hockey League) What is being done within the sport to minimize head injuries? The current epidemic in professional hockey is evidence that hockey needs better prevention in addition to better treatment. Fallen Stars Pittsburgh Penguins Center Sidney Crosby has been at the center […]

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The game of Hockey has been around from the time of early civilization. Historical records show that a crude form of hockey was played in Egypt 4,000 years ago. Later in the mid-18th century, modern hockey evolved in England. In the 1908 Games held the first Olympic hockey competition for men. In 1909, hockey had […]

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