How Georgian is the Georgian house

The Georgian House is situated in a very popular area for the Georgian period. Before living at the Georgian House Pinney lived at No. 5 Park Street but he was “a renter- not a purchaser of the house” (‘Bristol a Gateway to Empire’ C M McInnes 1939). This quote tells us that Pinney was dissatisfied […]

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Kristallnacht Essay

Source C is about the events on Kristallnacht. It does not give description of the way people were killed, but it gives the reactions of the German people, the weapons that were used and who the violence and attacks were carried out by. The source also has description of the synagogues that were set on […]

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Swansea and the Surrounding areas in the Blitz

Through these sources I will be looking at how Swansea and other areas prepared for the invasion from Germany, how it affected innocent people and the roles of individuals who protected and fought for us during the Blitz. This section is I’ll be looking at preparation up to the war in Swansea and the surrounding […]

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Why was Shepherd Wheel built here

Sheffield’s industrial past was dependant on the skills of Sheffield’s grinders and cutlers. Grinders and cutlers worked in workhouses or grinding mills, often powered by a water wheels. There were many fast flowing rivers running through Sheffield making Sheffield perfect for water powered workhouses for grinding and forging. Shepherd Wheel is an example of one […]

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To What Extent can Individuals be Credited with being Responsible

Individuals can only be credited to a certain degree for being responsible for revolutions because there are many factors that lead to a revolution. Obviously some individuals can be credited more than others for being responsible for revolutions, but a single individual cannot be credited completely for a revolution. In pre-revolutionary Russia and China, factors […]

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Bloody Sunday Study

Q1. Source A shows a picture of the catholic civil rights marchers. This source shows that there were people marching on the 30th January 1972 so they were therefore involved in the march but the source does not tell us why they were marching. The source also shows the civil rights marchers are marching peacefully […]

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Why do people have such different ideas about the 1960s

The 1960s was a period of vast change. Some people believed that the changes were for better and made the 1960s the best of times, whereas others thought the changes were bad and started the downfall of Britain. People had such different ideas for a number of reasons. The main reasons influencing peoples thoughts were […]

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How much can we learn about Nazi Germany

Architecture is the science of layout and design of buildings. If we look at different periods of history, differing cultures, civilisations and geographical regions, we find distinctive styles and features of architecture that have developed. There is usually an aim behind architecture, it encompasses the world around it, and is there for everyone to see […]

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Why did the US Army lose the battle of “Little Big Horn”

Custer was a high spirited man and sometimes too much of a high spirit would mean he would not be able to think rationally, which also means he would push his men to the limit and make them exhausted and therefore unfit to fight, which can cause low morale. This may have been a factor […]

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The nation’s old ways of life and thought perished

WW1 was a total war which meant that everyone in the country was involved. Not only the soldiers were involved in the war, the people at home were totally geared towards the war effort. Whole industries focused their attentions on producing arms and ammunition to aid the soldiers fighting. Because of this, usual, everyday things […]

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