Hip Hop

Compare the ways in which hip hop culture is represented

I will be evaluating the following hip hop culture videos, “fight the power”, by Public Enemy, “Pimp juice”, by Nelly and “I’ll still kill” by 50 cent featuring Akon in analysing these three music videos I will be investigating the way in which hip hop culture is represented in each video. I am going to […]

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Hip Hop an Art Form

As long as I can remember, music has always been a powerful influence in my life. Similar to any other type of art form, hip hop evolves personal struggles… from our fight for civil rights to our acceptance into society. The pioneers of this movement have strengthened, encouraged, and empowered my people with the positive […]

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Chris Brown

On the day of May 5, 1989 Christopher Maurice was born in Tappahannock, Virginia but little did he know that he would become number one in his lifelong hip hop & RnB life style. Growing up Chris listened to his mother and father soul albums but later discovered more of his type of music in […]

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Hip Hop and Gangsta Rap Negatively Affects Today’s Youth

Miller 1 Is Hip Hop and Gangsta Rap Negatively Affecting Today’s Youth? Rap music has been around since the 1970’s. People have questioned why it has only recently gotten such bad publicity. Denise Herd did a study on rap and hip hop music to determine if the lyrics in rap music have increasingly gotten worse […]

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Hip Hop – College Essay

Since the inception of hip-hop, the sound and the feeling of hip-hop has transformed into a whole new sound. Hip-Hop has changed drastically. The feeling and sound of hip-hop has stretched to a whole different sound which makes us question, is this hip-hop? Hip Hop evolved in the 1970’s, credited to African Bambatta. In the […]

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The Effects Hip Hop Has on Society

Not being bias but this controversy started many years ago. The profile of Women and men that started in hip hop music has evolved drastically over time causing an influential impact negatively and positively towards children, young adults and grown-ups. Rap and hip hop began back in the 70’s when everything was all good. The […]

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The Role of Code-Switching in Rap and Hip Hop Culture

While Hip-Hop is a relatively new cultural movement that is largely prevalent all over the world now, it originates in much earlier Black North American history as far back as the era of enslavement. It is still misunderstood as solely a form of music although it is rather an entire culture consisting of dance, “deejaying”, […]

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