High School

High School Sports

Do Students Who Play Sports In School Tend To Be More Successful In The Future? High school is a time for young adults to try and find themselves. Some students decide to be the nerds, or join certain clubs but many students venture into the world of sports. I believe that students who play sports […]

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4A High School Poll February 1, 1999

103 1 Ryan Sneairev Fr Oregon City 27-3 2 Eric Stevenson Fr Newberg 21-1 3 Luke Bobeda Jr Dallas * 25-3 4 Larry Lechner Sr Mt View **6 15-3 5 Morgan Edenstrom Fr Eagle Pt 12-1 6 Andy Oman Sr Crater * 16-2 7 Nick Derthick Sr Tigard * 17-4 8 Austin Batchelor Sr Grant […]

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The Importance of High School

At the age of five most kids get their first experience of school. Whether its kindergarten or pre-school. They are placed in an environment which is designed to prepare and help them in their future. Now the question arises, just what is high school for? The future of students is obtained through attending high school. […]

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English Proficiency of Selected High School Students

Capsule Proposal l. Project Title: English Proficiency of Secondary Level Students in Gob. Prefer Memorial High School II. Proponents: Project Leader: Dry. Holland A. Lagan Project Researcher: Leslie Anne N. Gastrula Ill. Project Duration: One (1) year IV. Budget Requested: V. Background/Rationale: Nowadays, English Language is considered as “universal”. Whatever race we belong, English knowledge […]

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Increase Emphasis on College and High School Sports

As students grow older competitive sports become an important outlet that can easily alter a child’s life mentally and physically. Nowadays, competitive sports in high school and leading into college have become increasingly emphasized, and the question arises as to whether or not these competitive sports provide positive or negative effects for the child. As […]

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Surviving the Transition from High School to University

In times of great stress or adversity, it is always best to keep busy, to plow your anger and energy into something positive”. Lee Laconic The transition from high school to university marks a distinct step in a student’s academic career. The step denotes the move from a dependent to independent learner, from studying in […]

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Highschool Life

From the start everybody was strangers, no one to talk to, and no one to share a laugh. As freshman’s we we’re as innocent as a baby Just waiting for someone to approach us and give us comfort. The first day of class was as damp and dull as detention class until…… . Friendship started […]

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High Schools in Japan vs. America

Many people wonder why people from Japan are academically intelligent, well because Japan has a better learning environment than the united States. Students in Japan have time to have fun, but they do have enough for studies, because they provide that time for themselves. There’s plenty of reasons why Japan Is on top when it […]

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The Reach as One but Fail as a Team

This was last year of high school and my last year on the team; we started the season off right by being 5-0. We were undefeated and nobody could stop us. This game was the talk of the week at school. Our goal was to win that night and we wouldn’t let anything stop us. […]

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Bitches, Beatings and Bullies

High school is never an easy time. In those six years, we are all preoccupied with the process of self-discovery. What kind of friends do I want? How should I balance morals and enjoyment? Where do I fit in? We’re uncertain of the answers, and don’t know how best to find them. Maturity is growth, […]

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