Healthcare Management Unit 7

Employee loyalty is one of the most valuable tools in any business. In healthcare management, employee loyalty is one of the strategic moves to create customer loyalty. When a hospital has loyal employees, they will tend to provide quality services to their patients (Travelstead, 2011). For example, a nurse who is loyal to the hospital […]

Healthcare Management Unit 6

Healthcare management is one of the growing career opportunities in the job market. Presently, healthcare is changing to conform to the current environment. Globally, many technological advances are taking places. For this reason, healthcare management is trying to incorporate healthcare systems for purposes of staying with the current trends of environment (Healthcare Information Technology Standards […]

The Healthcare of the US

The United States has a health policy that does not guarantee its citizenry quick and affordable access to medical care on a universal basis. Other developed nations have developed healthcare systems where basic healthcare is provided to each of the citizens through the taxes that they pay.The system of the United States has not been […]

Role of the Registered Nurse in the Healthcare Team

It appears as if there has not been an instance, at least in our current time, when the character of nursing and the task or role of the registered nurse have not been the focus of argument and disputation. By tradition nursing has been seen as a dependent occupation, the nurse being expected to be […]

Evaluation of healthcare system: policy initiative for designing ambulatory care

In the advance world of medical science and health care, governing boards are taking an extra step to carry out proper performance of ambulatory care, which is delivered on an outpatient basis. Hospitals and many medical centers do not necessary require hospital admission, but many of the medical investigation can be done on an ambulatory […]

Should Prescription Drugs Be Advertised to the Public

Healthcare is a very important area of concern for us Americans. Sadly, aside from the fact that healthcare costs are already burning holes in our pockets, reports from experts in the industry tell of alarming statistics related to the decreased quality of healthcare today. Industry leaders blame this on the corruption of the system due […]

Problems facing healthcare managers and solutions

Every nation in the World has the duty of providing cheap and quality healthcare to the citizens.  Each and every nation would be facing the challenge of making healthcare facilities more accessible and affordable for the people.  However, each nation would be having certain characteristics of the healthcare system.  Each nation may have unique social, […]

Process and Outcome Measures of Quality

Improving quality is very important in the conduct of any business undertaking. This will enable the management of the business to provide better service and products so as to secure the loyalty and the commendation of the customers of the business. A healthcare organization will greatly benefit from quality improvements. There are several areas where […]

Informed Consent and Parent’s Access to Medical Records: Pros and Cons

Informed consent is held to be one of the many rights of individuals, especially in cases related to healthcare. It is believed to be a basic right, one that guarantees the individual that no action shall be taken on the person without the knowledge and consent of the concerned parties. This is because the person […]

Barney Says No

Almeda was an eighty-four-year-old woman who lived a retiring life with no family and few friends. She suffered from a disabling stroke three years ago and has been confined to bed in a nursing home. Almeda has lost decisional capacity and left no advance directives. Barney, her long time friend, has been her unofficial substitute […]

Prinicples of health and social care

Task: 1.1 – Explain how principles of support are applied to ensure that the individuals are cared in health care settings? The principle of support is beneficial in health care settings as it makes sure that the individuals are cared for properly and in a professional way. ‘Principle’ can be defined as a rule or […]

The Impact of Globalization on the Health Sector in South Africa

After the Apartheid era, massive inequalities in income, health status, access to health care and other social services continued to dominate in South Africa. The Apartheid era was a system of racial segregation that was implemented in South Africa from 1948 to 1994. Due to colonization, whites had ruled South Africa for several centuries, which […]

Affordable Healthcare for Everyone

Not known to everybody, the United States, even though considered as one of the most developed country in the world, has no governmental program concerning guarantee of providing economical health care assistance to the populace (Starfield, 1998).

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